6 School Assembly Games for Developing Cooperation Among Students

Looking for a change of pace at your next school assembly? Although school assemblies are a great way to quickly share information with an entire student body and remind them about school procedures and rules, they can also be an opportunity for your students and teachers to take a little break from the daily grind […]

Increase your Students’ Academic Achievement

When it comes to improving your students’ academic achievement, there’s an arsenal of theories, strategies, lesson plans, assessments, and more at your fingertips, from tech tools and manipulatives to cooperative learning and peer teaching. Why then are so many students continuing to struggle in the classroom and at testing time? According to Character.org, students first […]

6 Ways to Enhance School Safety During After School Dismissal

It’s no secret that after school safety is a top concern for parents with school-age children, particularly with the overabundance of news stories on school shootings and violence, bullying, accidents, etc. In particular, the end-of-the-day dismissal period tends to involve less adult supervision, meaning students may be at a greater risk of harm. Schools, however, can […]

How to Teach Students Patriotism

When it comes to being an American, there is much to celebrate: baseball, apple pie, and landmarks such as Mount Rushmore are a few things that might come to mind. And while these are certainly a part of the culture, there are some even more important defining characteristics: our ability to vote, our freedom of […]

Lesson Plan: Teaching Students About Gratitude

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, what better time to instill in students the character trait of gratitude? For students, it’s easy to overlook the many blessings in their lives — and even become entitled — particularly since most of their needs and wants are being met by mom, dad, or another caretaker at this […]