Kids Story Books in English

We’ve compiled a list of the best character education books for elementary school students and kids story books in english. What was one of your favorite times of the school day as an elementary student? For many, story time is likely pretty close to the top of the list. While entertaining and enjoyable to read or listen to, reading books to children is an incredibly powerful way to teach lessons to readers of all ages. For example, centuries-old fables featuring talking animals and inanimate objects have been passed down from generation to generation to teach moral lessons. In the Bible as well, Jesus used parables to illustrate his teachings.

Today, teaching children moral and socially acceptable behavior is often called character education. There are many ways to teach and reinforce character education lessons, one being storytelling (as well as games, character trait banners and posters, role-playing, and more). Wondering which character education books or short books for kids will be a hit? Here are four stories to get you started.

Have you filled a bucket today review“Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”

This character education book helps children understand their emotional and mental health by comparing it to a bucket that needs refilling each day. Their “bucket” can been refilled by receiving love and appreciation from parents, teachers, and loved ones. They can also fill their own “bucket” by doing good deeds and being kind to others.

Character education lessons: Kindness, compassion

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Chrysanthemum Review


“Chrysanthemum” is a classic tale about a mouse who is bullied for her unusual and long name. Share this story with your elementary students (or readers of any age) to teach them about respect and friendship.

Character education lesson: Anti-bullying

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Courage Review


There are many moments that call for students to muster their courage, from riding a bike for the first time to standing up for a friend who’s being bullied. This is a great story for helping elementary students understand that everyone faces their own challenges and that anyone can be a hero.

Character education lesson: Courage

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Henry’s Freedom Box

“Henry’s Freedom Box”

In this beautifully illustrated, true story from the Underground Railroad, Henry “Box” Brown makes a daring escape and mails himself to freedom after his family is sold in the slave market. Your students will get a glimpse into Henry’s harrowing overnight journey in a cramped shipping crate and the joy he felt taking his first steps as a free man.

Character education lessons: Courage, perseverance

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