The Final Episode of Season One with Dr. Jody Carrington

Finish off Season One of Character Speaks through the beating heart and beautiful lens of the incredibly passionate child psychologist, author, wife and mom, Dr. Jody Carrington. Listen in as she honors the holy work, what educators get to do every day as they hold the hearts of our children; don’t miss her coaching tips […]

Seizing Connections & Fostering Relationships with Gary Armida

Suit up for today’s episode with New York teacher, father, and author Gary Armida. See what he considers his wins and his losses as he reflects through his career coaching on the court and in the classroom and score some tips for seizing connections and fostering relationships. Check out our sponsor:

Infusing Brain Science and Daily Rituals with Lisa King

Tune in this week to hear Lisa King, school counselor and author of Mindset Matters, talk about the importance of infusing her passion, growth mindset and brain science, into daily rituals, habits and routines in your character building. Check out our sponsor:

Nurturing a Growth Mindset with Kris Felicello

Travel with us to New York to meet up with edu-hero Kris Felicello; prepare to be inspired as this Assistant Superintendent, writer, and father of 3 shares some leadership ideals that include nurturing a growth mindset, fostering a caring climate, and righting wrongs through Restorative Practices. Check out our sponsor:

Valuing Empowerment Over Excuses with Meghan Kestner

What if we valued and focused on empowerment over excuses, not just for our students with special needs, but for all students? Tune in today to hear secondary educator Meghan Kestner’s ideas and feel her passion for #nomorelabels as she individualizes for her students of promise. Check out our sponsor:

Sparking a #PassionforKindness with Tamara Letter

In today’s episode, technologist , writer, and kindness advocate Tamara Letter shares how she engages her students and sparks their #passionforkindness using ordinary things like rocks, journals and some seed money to do extraordinary things. Check out our sponsor:

Making the World a Better Place One Core-Value at a Time with Gary Smit

Today’s guest, veteran Superintendent Gary Smit, has been intentionally building character for more than twenty years since his district in Illinois first discovered the Character Counts! framework in 1997. Now, though retired from the public school system himself, Gary is still out in the world living his deep-purpose why, to make the world a better […]

“Kindness Cape” Classroom Rituals with Laurie McIntosh

Prepare to be supercharged by kindness warrior Laurie McIntosh, a passionate Kindergarten teacher in Canada, as she shares how she and her students spread kindness through classroom rituals like Kindness Capes, the DNA project, WIN {What I Need} time and more. Check out our sponsor:

The Importance of Vulnerability & Transparency with Dr. Ryan Andrews

“Newbie” Principal Dr. Ryan Andrews comes to us today from The Show-Me State to share why vulnerability and transparency are so important as he makes sure all students have a chance and a champion. After borrowing the idea to change the mindset of a visit to the Principal’s office, this King of Awesome Office Visits […]